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As a matter of fact there are several varieties of chatting. The simplest computer chatting is a method of sending, receiving, and storing typed messages with a network of users. This network could be WAN (Wide Area Network) or LAN(Local Area Network).

Our chatting system will deal only with LAN’s (static IP address) and it is made up of two applications one runs on the server side (any computer on the network you choose it to be the server) while the other is delivered and executed on the client PC.

Every time the client wants to chat he runs the client application, enter his/her user name, password and server IP where the server application is running, only for the first time, and hits the Login button and starts chatting.

The system is many-to-many arrangement; every–one is able to “talk” to anyone else. Messages may be broadcasted to all receivers (recipients are automatically notified of incoming messages) or sent to special individuals (private chatting through server) .For this system to be physically realized you should be familiar with programming and networking. Visual Basic is our programming language, TCP/IP is our network protocol, and finally “windows sockets” is our programming interface to have access to network functionality.