Automobile Service Center management

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This thesis presents an analysis of a capability to employ ASCM (Automobile Service Center Management) as the basis for making automation of automobile service center management. The project covers all the aspects of the related database technologies, such as Visual Basic with Oracle architecture to help determine how enterprises can implement this approach in the real insecure world, with commercial off -the-self products, to meet their needs. There were many concerns about using the Visual Basic with Oracle as the basis for using records of database, due to a trusted environment. By using appropriate trusted parts, when really necessary, and new technologies, we can find secure solutions for creating, storing and disseminating records.

The potential benefits of automating the service of automobiles are extensive especially with regard to better utilization of time, efficiency, space and safety. Proposals for automobile service center management have been made for at least fifty years but a practical system has not been possible because of technological limitations. Now, new advances in technology have brought a practical system within reach. This project discusses the potential benefits of automation, the associated technology requirements, and cost/benefit trades.


In order to implement the above,  products, such as Visual Basic and Oracle , are used. These are not only available free, easily testable and commonly used, but they provide us with a great interoperability among almost all the GUI platforms. The implementation can also be done by using other competitive technologies or platforms or can even use similar or related commercial products.