Pod Casting Server

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Objective of the system

  • The way the technology has changed the reach of important information to people is great, everyday we hear of  new things coming up to solve our problems.
  • Our solution does the same. It tries to reach the people into villages, which are most far from the reach of hospitals, television sets and mobiles etc. It aims to make a more connected world by reaching to the most common man by most common way by way of using a radio set.
  • Which is almost present in 7, 50000 homes. The Portmanteau is a pod casting service; this service is associated with delivering audio alerts and notifications to the rural public in local language possibly through a local FM link. The service might employ a PC connected to the FM transmitter or possibly a smart device in place of the PC. The audio files will be downloaded by this system onto the client end (note that this is a client side service) and then aired via FM station. It will decrease the cost factor to reach the villages for important messages and help which was previously done by humans. For obvious reason when used as in health industry it can serve for important alerts for floods , epidemic alerts, vaccines reporting and other timely generated tips for farmers etc. It can be directly podcasted through the system and in way could help people immensely in need and in same way , the audio programmes which can be downloaded variably depending on client location is done, so it further automates the process of manual attention for broadcasting.