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The basic objective behind the development of this project is to provide the end user an application in which he/she can  find jobs, resumes, institutes and can apply to jobs, call candidates, institutes” is a web-based application program, which provides an interface in which many users can register as jobseekers, employers or institutes and then can post their information and view suitable jobs, companies or resumes for them.

Bundled with some great features, “” also provides the user with the privilege to tour the site before registering with us, while touring they can search jobs, resumes, institutes but can’t apply to them; for doing that they have to register first.

What more, it will be a step in the direction of giving a unique feature of giving the institutes a means of searching the information of all the companies that are registered with our site.

So, here’s a new look, simple to use application for posting jobs, posting resumes, searching and finally applying for jobs or calling candidates. The development of the project is divided into various stages and every stage is illustrated by each chapter.