Subscription Management System for Cable TV Operator

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  •  The current project is a generalized package, which automates all the activities performed by Cable Television Operators such as customer registration, service management, complaints and payments.
  •  Firstly the system gather and processes the master information generated during the registration of customer such as code, name, door number, address, area code, installation and monthly fee, connection date etc.
  •  After registering the customer and completion of all formalities such as choosing the area, payment of subscription charges, finally new cable connection is given to the customer at the mentioned address.
  •  Monthly subscription fee is collected from the customers every month accordingly. Collection details are also handled by storing all the information regarding money collection from the customers.
  •  Also this system deals with service done and keeps track of status of the complaints made by the customer.
  •  When an expense occurs, details such as expense number, date, amount, account code and expense description are gathered here.
  •  Various kinds of reports are generated simply by choosing the appropriate menus such as customer details report, area details report, expenses detail report, complaints detail report and receipt details report.
  •  The principal reason behind computerizing the manual system is that, due to large number of customers and transactions involved, it would be very cumbersome to keep track of the task manually.
  •  The systems security is taken care of by a login form, which allows only authorized users to utilize the system.
  •  The main aim/objective is to develop an effective system, which is fast, accurate, consistent, reliable, and flexible enough so that it can accommodate any further expansion
  •  The system developed is to be very user friendly as it basically follows step-by-step methodology for performing .